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Friday, March 1, 2013

POTS and the Pseaudoallgergen-free Diet

What to eat?

Here is a sample menu on the pseudoallergen-free diet:
All ingredients are fresh or fresh frozen.  No spices are used other than salt.  I go crazy on salt and will frequently use Celtic sea salt on meats and fish, Himalayan pink salt on veggies.

3/4 cup  of 1% goat's yogurt
1 scoop of organic pure whey
1/4 cup of steel-cut oatmeal cooked in water and salt (oatmeal is gluten-free providing it is cut using machinery that is not cross-contaminated by other the lable to be sure)

celery sticks

2 cups of steamed brussel sprouts, broccoli or 3 cups of romaine or arugula with 2 tbsp sprinkled feta cheese and no dressing
baked sweet potato
fresh steamed fish or poultry 

soft goat's cheese on cucumber

2 cups of steamed kale
fresh fish, meat or poultry
baked squash or sweet potato


  1. Did it take a few days to adjust to your antihistamines? I took zyrtec/zantac combo last night for the first time. My second dose was around 12:15 today and about 30 minutes later I had a horrible headache, groggy, heavy eyes, lethargy, limp noodle ish. My hands were sweating and my heart pounded in my chest for a bit as well. Overall I just felt like a zombie. I hope these are side effects that will go away over time. It's hard to know.

    1. Taking meds for mast cells requires a lot of frigging around with both dosage and types. Any time a change is made I go through up to two weeks of adjustment. Some meds you might actually react to. There are a few message boards concerning mast cell activation disease so you may want to visit them and explore what others have tried. I assume you have done or started the mast cell investigation with your's important to have their support.

      I also HIGHLY recommend you go through the diet and environment cleaning. It won't matter what meds you are taking if you are actually reacting to what you eat or what you are exposed to in the air/skin etc.

    2. Well that's the tricky part. I brought this up to my doctor at Vanderbilt a couple of months ago and basically she said it didn't matter if I had Mast Cell problems or not and then proceeded to brush off everything I said and told me to just take the Florinef. I had a very strange reaction to Florinef, so I knew that was the end of the road with her.
      I have emailed Dr. Afrin my history and my symptoms. He said I sounded like a very classic case of MCAS. At this point, not sure if I can travel to Charleston to see him. It's about 10 hours from me and I cannot fly on an airplane.
      So, I am self medicating at this point because its OTC and I have no other choice. I can't wait another 3 months to try and go see Afrin, other than that I am not aware of any doctors that know about this unfortunately.
      I am already doing a similar diet, it's not quite as strict as the one you posted, but very close. If I cheat though, I'm a mess for several days until things get back to "normal". A lot of my trigger foods are high histamine so it all seems to make sense. Thanks so much for responding.

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